Marketers have new technology to help in their jobs


With the rise and perfecting of new technologies marketers are better able to reach out to their customers and potential customers, according to Marketing Land. Users geotagging social posts give marketers extra information to use in their jobs. Also, the new image-recognition features now available, they can find images posted online as well. Now users are starting to do both more often.

Using third party information, marketers can get a line on the whereabouts of large numbers of customer-base, and use that data in their advertising campaigns.These tools along with a little creative “thinking outside the box” can glean beneficial results.

These tools can lead to a more in-depth knowledge of customer persona, which in turn can boost sales. The present analytics is based mostly upon buying habit, searches, and visits to websites. This can provide a pretty good profile for the marketing strategies, but a lot more information can be inferred if the knowledge is applied correctly.

Then the questions of seasonality come to mind. At what time do your customers perform the highest or lowest number of searching? Can this be narrowed down to seasons or perhaps months. Geotagging can give some clue of travel preferences. Summertime is a heavy vacationing season. Where do student customers like to go for Spring Break?

Specifics about age range and gender percentages can help marketers decide how best to disseminate their advertisements – time slots, locations.

Professional marketers seem to be in their heyday, and the best is still around the corner.



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