Marketers rely on a few marketing standards


Digital marketers have to fly by the seat of their pants sometimes because the conditions of the job can change drastically overnight. A promotional tactic that worked today, may be useless next week. However, marketers claim there are a few solid marketing realities that have been around since before computers were even thought of, according to Marketing Land.

First, people are more easily persuaded by their emotions rather than their logic. Promoters and marketers have used the emotional (a.k.a. pathos) appeal as a guiding principal for many years because it is an effective means to the desired ends. The number of conversions or sales received from ad content depends greatly upon the viewer’s reaction to his/her experience.

Ad content should be designedto grab the audience’s interest quickly, but don’t expect to keep it long. The average viewer’s attention span is about 10 seconds according to some studies. Content should be designed with this in mind. The first page a viewer sees must give enough information to make them curious so that they will want to move forward.

Testing ad content on target audiences helps determine what brings about the best result. Creating multiple ads with varying contents gives the marketer an opportunity to find out what works best. That knowledge can be applied to more content.

Business is about developing relationships, according to former presidential candidate H. Ross Perot. A lot of marketers emphasize “personalizing” their strategies, especially in email campaigns, building a relationship with the target audience. With that comes a certain degree of trust which makes the people more comfortable about doing business.


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