Marketers have to be smart when dealing with management


Search marketing has a number of challenges, including high expectations (seemingly unrealistic sometimes) from the management of our companies and brands. One of the essential skills that marketers need one dealing with people, especially the bosses, according to Search Engine Land.  There are a few tips to remember that can help you deal with issues like management changeovers, executive requests, and other things.

Understanding the expectations of management involved in your various accounts is a first step in dealing with the challenges they entail. Sometimes the goals of the management might be slightly different than yours, but you can’t afford to ignore these expectations. That’s why it’s important to have an organized plan for your marketing campaign with well-defined goals at the outset; it will help avoid several problems down the road.

Educating the management on SEO or other aspects of marketing can be another helpful element in the dealing-with-management skillset. Sometimes a marketer works with CEOs, department directors, or other management who are not completely familiar with the granular details of how marketing works. Then it becomes part of a marketer’s job to explain the nuance of their project. The managers will want to know what is being done for their brand, why it is being done in a particular way, and how it will lead to a favorable ROI.

Another important skill is knowing how to present positive results at any time, especially recent results. A positive ROI from last year may not ensure job security unless you can show how your present strategies will bring about a good bottom line this year. Highlight positive milestones in the process from daily/weekly/monthly attributions and show how the small achievements will drive larger results.


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