Marketers start planning holiday strategies early in 2017


Smart marketing means getting your holiday groove started ahead of everyone else, and hitting the right heart-strings to motivate early shopping, according to Marketing Land. Many people would agree that Christmas is a time of year that runs deep with sentiment, so planning how to apply that pathos appeal before everyone else is a great way to get your brand’s gift ideas moving from warehouse to shelf to purchase.

According to marketing studies, ads that use emotional/sentimental themes, depicting family-oriented Thanksgiving or Christmas settings, move 70 percent of consumers on to a purchase more smoothly than non-emotional. Online advertising made up more than $91 billion worth of the Christmas sales package in 2016, $1.2 billion of that came from smartphone purchases on Black Friday. Marketers must work harder than ever to ensure all their online channels are fitted with flexible content. Also, they have to be sure their content is not put alongside other ads that are complementary.

Ironically, some marketers are deferring judgement of what is sentimental to artificial intelligence technology. AI, a rising marketing tool, is now being developed with the ability to decide what elementswithin an ad will most likely stimulate an emotional response from its viewers.

The new technology called National Language Processing (NLP) can analyze the semantics embedded within different elements in an ad and determine which will likely create the desired emotional response in viewers. In this way, marketers can effectively plan how to appeal their various profiles of would-be customers.

Since holiday shopping has become the busiest time of year in American consumerism, marketers and retailers search for every advantage they can to optimize their revenues during that season.


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