Marketers should talk to their customers


Too many marketers are excellent at dealing with the numbers associated with the metrics used to understand their target customer base, but they lack understanding of the people those numbers represent, according to Marketing Land. Some marketers argue that to create a truly effective ad campaign you must get into your customer’s head and know why some of them complete their journey to a purchase.

You can try interviewing some of your buying customers. No one person or team of individuals can take the time to interview all of your customer base, nor even a majority of them. So, pick and choose carefully among those that are steady buyers. Find out what motivates them to make a purchase from your site.

Once you have decided who to talk to, decide upon the correct questions to ask.Since marketers tend to prefer numbers, you must be careful to ask questions that will help you understand the customer’s motivations.

Asking the “why” questions is very important. “Why did you choose our products (services)?” or “What do you like about our products?” Questions like these will help you understand your customers. Digging deeply in your questions will help you understand why your customers buy at your website.This can give insight and guidance to future marketing strategies.

Pick up new ideas when you hear them.Since your customers’ motivation can change, so you should perform customer interviews regularly. Do new customers buy your products or services for the same reasons as older customers? Also, find out what kind of message is your brand putting out. Is it the message you intend?


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