Marketers should try new content ideas to attract more viewers


Marketing professionals always look for new and improved ways to increase conversions, metrics, KPIs, and so forth as they try to outdo the competition. There are a few proven strategies that marketers can add to their skills if they haven’t already, according to Marketing Land.

First, it is always a good idea to own fresh ideas for fulfilling customers’ needs, some things the competition has not thought of before. Your success might be short-lived because once it goes online, other marketers will see value in the concept and use some variant to monetize for their own brands. Inspiration for fresh ideas is spread all over the internet, so a little detective work may be in store. Websites like Quora or Answer the Public are good fodder. Using keywords pertaining to relevant topics can bring up queries from other users that you may not have considered – a new perspective.

Another marketing strategy might be to look at what the competition is doing. While you’re building your own brilliant ideas, find out what other great content concepts other marketers are using and create new twists on them. Don’t just duplicate, dive into the subject matter and explore new possibilities that might attract the search algorithms.

Finally, a third marketing strategy that might improve your ad-numbers is drawing other site links to yours. Build your content so that other popular websites will want to place a link from your ad to their brand, store, or service.  The more quality links that you attract, the higher up in the search rankings your brands will soar.


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