Marketers should use SEO audits to improve their rankings


Search engine tech has grown considerably in recent years, so marketers and SEO experts must stay informed of the cutting-edge upgrades in algorithms and machine learning. SEO audits should be frequent and the procedures upgraded to keep your brands in the forefront of a competitive online landscape, according to Search Engine Land. Also, there are a few especially important items that must be maintained.

The online world is crawling with mobiles as more and more people are picking up smart phones when they leave their computer desks. Google has said that most of their searches are mobile-driven, and the platform is moving closer to a mobile-first index.

Having the available JavaScript content rendering tools is another important tip to remember during an SEO audit. Making sure your JavaScript compatibility can be easily discerned by Google.Another important feature to have on the audit checklist is the “HTTP migration.”The HTTP form has become very important for commercial sites as it give a safer user experience.More than 50 percent of pages loaded by the major web browsers that use HTTP.

Finally, make sure you are configured for AMP, which has inundated Google News and is a must if you want to ride their “news carousel.” It is also very helpful for sites with speed issues and can’t upgrade. The AMP has become a must-have for media outlets. Marketers can monitor analytics and the visibility of AMP to Google search algorithms which will improve rankings.


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