Marketing strategies can make social marketing successful


Establishing and maintaining a positive relationship with your customers is one of the important aspects of marketing. However, recent studies show that about 36 percent of customers who encounter ads on social media approach them with pessimism, according to Marketing Land. Fortunately, with creative strategies, that negative barrier can be breached, improving the ROI for your social media promotions.

First, stay true to the core values and integrity of your brand. Don’t depend on cheesy tricks that will glean quick clicks to push the attributions up but lacks substantive ideas. Your content should be consistent with your brand’s overall messages while honestly promoting quality products and services. Give solid content that can entertain and informative. High pressure sales tactics often has a counterproductive result.

Choose your advertising platforms carefully. Create a blacklist of the types of sites you don’t want your ads to appear. Conversely, you can write up a whitelist of preferred platforms that you feel will be most consistent with your brand values and reputation. For instance, a brand specializing in high-class fashions might want to avoid an adult website. On the other hand, a company that sells video games might be received well on sites that cater to millennials.

Using influencers has been an effective strategy to promote our products or services in a positive direction. Customer trust is elevated when a high-profile celebrity or well-known media outlet consents to endorse your brand. Investing advertising dollars in recognizable influencers will build brand credibility. Also use authoritative declarations like “…as presented on television…” or another such reference.


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