Master the 3 Essential Elements of Responsive Web Design


As consumers evolve from laptop and desktop use to primarily phone and tablets, responsive web design is essential. In fact, Google announced in 2015 that much of their SEO scoring would depend upon whether a website could be viewed on tablet or phone screen.

As a business owner, a fundamental step in providing a website that can convert leads into revenue is to first ensure your site is equipped with responsive web design. You want as many people to engage in your website as possible, and responsiveness is key!

As you are diving deeper into your website design, take a look to make sure you have the following three elements covered.

Ease of Navigation

There is not a one-size fits all approach to website design, and you need to incorporate layouts that appease all types of devices. New templates will provide mobile-friendly layouts that are different than desktop configurations. This is due to the differences in web-browser width and real estate within the page.

Make sure you choose a layout that is attractive with all devices and check to see how you show-up on a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop unit.

Effective Branding

Despite all of the differences in column width across all device platforms, keeping your brand front and center is essential. When responsive sites were relatively new, logos and other branding material tended to get lost in the scaling.

Responsive design requires building for 3 or 4 different widths, and each size must still hold true to your brand. Remember to keep it simple but without compromising your brand.

Calls to Action

The most important element of your website is your call to action. After all, this is what separates a visitor from a lead. So it goes without saying that you need to keep your call to action front and center regardless what size browser or screen.

Successful examples include placing the call to action within the top 1/3 of the website- drawing the visitor’s eye to take action immediately. Other organizations will use pop-up technology that the visitor must either opt-out, or submit their information to go any further.

Does your website need a little help? Have you upgraded to a responsive template, but you are still not getting the conversion rates you are looking for?

Take some time to ensure these three elements are present in your website when logging in from a tablet, smartphone, laptop and desktop. You may be surprised that a few things need to be tweaked on your end.

Who knows, these three elements could be the small change you need to kill it online with your business, and start capturing more revenues through your digital marketing strategies.


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