Maximize Your Google AdWords Campaign with Image Ads


You’ve finally taken your digital marketing to the next level and set up your Google AdWords campaign. The text content of your ad is just right, and your attention to SEO is paying off. Now it’s time to focus on setting up another Google AdWords campaign—this time using the broad appeal of an image ad, or Google banner ad.

Why Images?

Marketers understand the value of including images in print advertising. The same holds true in the world of digital marketing. Quality images enhance your brand and facilitate brand awareness. In addition, they make any ad more attractive and interesting, and draw the eye right to them—all excellent incentives for someone viewing the ad to take the next step and click on it.

Not all image ads are created equal, however. Those that get the best results generally adhere to digital advertising best practices. You may find these tips to be no-brainers, but when you combine them, you put the full power of the Internet and your Google AdWords campaign behind every image ad you develop.

  • Make sure the image is appealing and relevant to the product or service you’re advertising for.
  • Set images at the proper resolution for their size. No only likes to look at grainy or blurry photos, as they come across as unprofessional and tell the viewer the advertiser didn’t care enough to provide a quality image.
  • Take advantage of all available ad sizes. Google banner ad sizes vary, which means you can post your image ads on a variety of websites and simply adjust the size to fit.
  • Keep messaging and branding similar to what is on your website and other marketing tools, so users recognize your brand wherever it shows up.
  • Make image ads different from your text ads. While this may require a bit more work upfront, the payoff can be well worth the effort, as you’ll be able to optimize the full variety of your ads and maximize your results.
  • Be selective in the websites where you want your ad to appear. Logical placement of your ad means you can better choose and target your ad to the user who is most likely to inquire about, or purchase, your product or service.
  • Consider remarketing/retargeting your image ads so they appear on whatever site your customers or potential customers visit. This strategy keeps your band highly visible and readily available for when the user is finally ready to make their purchase.
  • Track the performance of your image ads to know which are resulting in the highest click and conversion rates. Remove or change poor performing ads, but always make sure your AdWords campaign dollars are going to your most effective ads.

One of the best, most efficient ways of getting your business and your brand in front of your target market is with carefully crafted image ads. Your website professional can help you get started today.


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