Measuring the value of ad content can help drive business goals


Measuring the value of your ad content can be very important, but sometimes difficult to do. For some people, that first impression they observe can determine whether or not they will return to your sight for a second look at your brand or not. There are things that an advertiser should remember when building their content, according to Marketing Land.

First, make sure your content strategy is checked through an audit process for its viability, engagement and governance. Your overall content strategy decides the goals of your initiative and the timeline desired for the desired results.

Second, engagement scoring is an efficient and holistic method to help a marketer understand how customers are interacting with an advertisement.This can be measured according to your goals whether you’re seeking an increase in conversions, views, or some other. This helps the advertiser understand how well the content strategy is paying off.

Knowing which elements are keep your target audience interested on your website is very important. The measurement of “content velocity” tells the advertiser how long customers are staying with a webpage. One of the values of this measurement is helping marketers in understanding which webpages are keeping the audience engaged for a period of time, and which are being exited after a brief viewing. This can help in determining your stronger content elements over the weaker.

Lastly, knowing the outcomes that result from customers’ engagement with ads is essential to improving business and content strategies. This can be used across a number of models and in determining the content impacts across all channels in driving a desired outcome.


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