Medical practices advertise on social media


Any professional practitioner can improve their practice through online marketing. In fact, those in the medical field are using social media as a means to find new patients or develop a more personalized relationship with their present customers. There are a few simple guidelines doctors, dentists or other medical practitioners can follow to improve their practice, according to Marketing Land.

First, they should use Facebook’s tools and popularity to their full advantage.Social media marketing is in part about inserting free posts or impressions, but platforms like Facebook also have advertising tools to help the medical practitioner reach beyond his/her list of online “friends.” Using the FB Ads Manager or the Audience Insight tool, they can target a specific demographic based upon a select criteria: age, geographic location, and more.

Whether posting or developing ad content, choose your words carefully. Develop a particular voice in your social media communication and be consistent with it. Using a litany of prepared responses is a common tool, especially where sensitive issues or procedures are concerned, is common practice in marketing.  Also, it’s a good idea to vary your tone occasionally. Don’t make every post sound like an advertisement, or you will likely discourage your audience. You have to know when to be serious and when to have a little fun while being informative. Finally, use medical jargonvery sparingly. Your audience is not composed of doctors. They don’t know all the big medical terms.

Bring community-oriented content into focus when you can. Spotlight important events in the community, such as fund-raisers or charity drives and include details about your offices involvement in these. Also, create links to articles about these events and encourage your audience to donate time or funds to the organizations you care about.


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