Methods for combatting false reviews


Apparently, having good reviews on your website signals the Google search algorithms to raise your ranking, but some people are creating “fake reviews” to tip the scales in their favor or against a competitor, according to Search Engine Land. This threatens the reliability of search engines, like Google or Bing, unless steps are taken to rectify the balance.

One of the most obvious remedies would be Google and other search platforms updating their algorithms against fake reviews. Some companies pay people to write sparkling reviews, or competitors will write negative feedback to attack a rival business. With present AI technology, search algorithms should be set to monitor for patterns that signify a fake review.

It is difficult for business owners who are playing by the rules to report their competitors who are cheating the system with fake reviews. There are a number of reports that point out alleged fake reviews, but the limited manpower to check these reports is overwhelmed. Search platforms need to create a system that allows for easier reporting and investigation.

When the issue of fake reviews arises,the search platforms tend to favor their customers who wrote the false post which is not always in the best interest of all concerned. Unfortunately, when a fake review issues unwarranted attacks against a company of good reputation, the targeted business may find it difficult to have the reviews removed.

Some search platforms, like Yelp, have begun labelling businesses that have a history of fake reviews. Also, a notation could be made on search pages indicting companies that have been attacked by negative fake reviews.


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