Methods to energize low-conversion accounts


Seeing one or two accounts running low-conversion rates on Adwords can be very stressful for a PPC manager, but there seem to be those brands that just don’t draw a lot of attention. It may be time to re-evaluate why your target audience seems so disinterested. There are a few strategies that can be used to energize your low running account if you’re willing to apply a little more mental energy, according to Search Engine Land.

First thing you must do is get a clear focus on your goals for that particular account, and the two most common are site engagement and brand awareness. For the former, Google Analytics can provide the granular traffic information to help optimize on this level. On the other hand, focusing on brand awareness gives greater attention to metrics related to clicks and ad content.

Next, there are several ways you can track conversions, so decide on the best method for your account. You can seek extended information from other metrics platforms that measure telephone tracking and offline conversions. Also, Google Analytics data can be imported into AdWords to assist in measuring your granular data. Google Analytics data read alongside Adwords metrics can help optimize your low running accounts.

Google now offers “campaign-level audience lists” which can establish audience measurement lists for up to 540 days. Low conversion accounts can take longer to analyze than others because the data is retrieved more slowly.

Finally, testing low-conversion accounts can best be handled in one of two efficient methods: controlled and sequential. The former is a more scientific approach because it relies on objective analysis of facts, but it takes longer because the stream of factual metrics trickle in slowly. Sequential testing doesn’t take as long.It uses a control group and an experimental group over a set time period. Some marketers consider this method less reliable.


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