Necessary Equipment for Shooting a Marketing Video


    Proper equipment is a must for any business owner who is thinking of shooting their own marketing video. While it is not essential that the equipment be the most expensive, top-of-the-line brands, the quality of the video can increase by selecting the proper materials. With better-quality videos, businesses can draw the attention of potential customers, and add to their consumer base. Potential consumers are naturally drawn to videos that have sharp images, clear audio, and proper lighting.

    Must-have Things for Video Making

    • Camera – Most people have a perfectly suitable camera built into their smart phones, but this is not guaranteed to provide the best quality picture, and you’ll also likely want to use an external microphone. A digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera will film some of the highest quality videos due to their reflex design scheme, but they can be both costly and also require an external microphone. DSLR cameras can be personalized using a series of interchangeable lenses, depending upon the type of shoot that is being conducted. Webcams are also perfectly functional, and since they synch directly with a computer, tend to be the easiest way to record and edit on a desktop computer.
    • Microphone – Lavalier microphones, commonly recognized as the small microphone a newsperson might have clipped to their lapel, can be externally attached to smart phones, DSLR cameras, computers or right onto a person’s clothing. These microphones allow for the freedom of movement that most videos require, and do a good job of ensuring background noise does not interfere with the intended audio. Desktop microphones work well for videos shot indoors using a webcam, and are a more modest alternative to the lavalier microphones.
    • Lighting – Indoor shooting provides filmmakers with more control over their lighting. Using a room that is already evenly lit can be easier than trying to fight the clouds and sounds that come with shooting outdoors. While outdoor shots often provide the best quality natural lighting, the weather can be fickle and alter the quality of your video. If your indoor lighting quality is not optimal for shooting video, filmmakers can invest in a lighting kit, which often comes with a background screen, spot lights, and softboxes for modifying or diffusing the light.

    Cameras, microphones, and proper lighting are all factors a filmmaker has control over. Anyone creating a marketing video must have an idea of where they would like to shoot their video, and then plan accordingly. While the most expensive equipment may provide the most options for editing, it is not a necessary overhead for all businesses.


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