Need Help Choosing Your Images


Need help choosing your images? Blogging is a great way to gain an audience, but you need images to go with your content. People use images to decide whether they want to keep reading. A quick glance at your images will tell your audience what they can expect. So, how do you choose the right ones?

Free Image Sites

Believe it or not, you can find free, legal images online for your blog posts. Start with a google search for free images or check out sites like Unsplash or Pixabay. These sites provide downloadable pictures that you can use on your blog or other pages. Photographers donate photographs to gain some experience. You’ll find a wide range of styles while you search. It’s always a good idea to credit the photographer, but you won’t have to pay to use the images.

Make Your Own

You can also make your own photos. Some photo editing sites provide images that you can mix with text and graphics. You may even find a few images for free this way, but most images will require a subscription. Still, these images are high-quality, so if you create a lot of content, they’re often worth the price. Start with some of the free images before you decide whether to subscribe to a service. If you get a lot of use from those images, then a full subscription may very well be worth the price.

Take Photos on the Job

Of course, you can always take photos on the job. With this approach, your clients can see your team in the real world. Candid photos will show what your work really looks like and what your clients can expect from you. If you take this route, make sure that you take good photos. If you take photos in anybody’s home, you should also get the homeowner’s permission.

Let Us Handle It

As always, the best and easiest way to find blog images is to let us take care of it for you. At KiLLit Online, we write excellent blog content with high-quality images. Sometimes, coming up with killer content, tracking down decent images, and then repeating that process over and over again is too much, especially when you’re running a busy restoration company. Save yourself from a lot of time and hassle. Contact us today to get started.

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