New ad features make marketing easier


The three new marketing features that have been caught up in the internet buzz at the outset of 2017 includes Facebook’s Dynamic Ads, Pinterest’s Promoted App Pins and Snapchat’s first- and third-party audiences. FB put out their Dynamic Ads feature two years ago, and online marketing managers have approved its efficient re targeting for online and retail shopping. Since its release, more features have been added, and advertisers outside of retail have made good use of its DPA usability. It has allowed advertisers to reach out to broader audiences who have browsed similar products through apps, and ad clicks. Now, advertisers can use it to target preferred users with more efficiency.

Even though the Pinterest platform is not commonly associated with mobile apps, their newly added Promoted Pins for Apps convey users to the app stores, and Pins for Apps already has a growing track. It’s only available on iOS, and soon to be on Android. Pinterest promotes the exchange of ideas, so promoting this app should be simple, especially with any B2C brand.

Snapchat has struck a deal with Oracle Data cloud in its attempt to enable the use of third-party information for ad targeting. This feature combines with the Snap Audience Match feature put forth in September and is expected to be a tremendous advantage to advertisers using the Snapchat platform. Also, add the fact this platform already commands a broad outreach to younger users. Essentially, this will allow advertisers to reach out to preferred audiences more easily, allowing them more efficient use of marketing resources.



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