New FB filters can relieve you of annoying political bashing


Political in-fighting is part of the American democratic system. But, when your particular social media gets inundated with every whimsical opinion, mud-slinging, and verbal counter-attacks – and that’s in addition to all the political ads – after a time, you may get tired of it all. Fortunately, there are ways to keep it away from you, and Computer World has listed a few.

First, when on Facebook, you can get relief. The social media titan has installed a feature that allows you to install a turn-off switch, called “Remove All Politics from Facebook,” that will signal the FB filters to let you close the dam anytime you want, or turn it on when you have the time and nerve to join the fray.

Another option is called “Leech Block.” This feature allows you to list up to six sites that you find the most annoying and blocks them from your view for whatever time slot you select.

The “News Feed Eradicator” blocks the news media from your Facebook. Here again you can set the time frame in which you want this filter to operate.

Finally, there is the “Social Fixer.” This feature is a more detail-specific variation of the “Remove All Politics from Facebook” filter as it allows you to specify a certain party, person, or news media outlet who is not allowed to show anything political on your FB display. Also, you can name certain issues that you don’t want to hear about. For instance, if you are sick and tired of the news sledge-hammering Trump’s Wall, anything pertaining to that wall will be blocked.


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