The newest iOS update expected to be huge success and will enhance the previous app


The latest update to the Google iOS app, version 23.0 offers a variety of new features, including local search filters, additional AMP, and Gboard access.Sent out yesterday, Google is still waiting for user feedback on additional filter ideas, like the “Top Rated” and “Open Now.” Access to Gboard will allow iOS and Android devices to send data and gifs which will be suggested from the new selections. Finally, the new update will enable more support for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) within the app.  More pages marked with the lightning bolt or AMP icon will load faster than before.

Gboard, Google’s iOS keyboard, received great praise following the launch of its May 12upgradewhich enabled five languages and additional gifs to the popular app. The new additional international language support can be enabled or set to default to English. The new languages featured include French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. The default language on the user’s mobile device can be changed in the Gboardsettings.

The “smart gifs” concept which enables more and quicker gif and emoji access to users which can be included in their messages. The new feature will offer a selection of gif appropriate to the message: parties, birthdays, holidays, or whatever. The selections will appear at the bottom of your smart phone display.

The revised keyboard will allow users to customize their photos. It will include a new “dark keyboard” for the darker photo apps.


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