Not Getting Enough Readers Here’s Why


Wondering how to get more blog readers? You already know that blogging takes patience. Only blogs with regular posts, great content, and a solid SEO strategy can maintain long-term readers. Still, you’ve been working hard, and you still only get a few readers per post. How can you change that? We can help. At KiLLit Online, we use proven SEO and lead nurturing strategies that will help you get noticed online. Here are some of the reasons why you may not be getting the readers that you want.

You Need a Better SEO Strategy

Are your keywords not working quite like you had hoped? Sometimes, it’s just a matter of timing. While the search engines may be indexing your site, sometimes it takes some time and lots of relevant content before your site rises to the top. At other times, though, it’s time to revise your SEO strategy. Are you using the right long tail keywords? Are you using those keywords in the right places? Could you adjust your strategy to get some better results? Be patient, but don’t be afraid to experiment, either.

You Need to Keep It Interesting

Make sure that you’re writing about the things that interest your readers. Readers want to know how your content applies to them specifically. Your average internet user won’t care about mold in general, but someone who needs a mold remediation service will want to know how to find the best one.

You Need Shorter Paragraphs

Let’s say that you’re done with the work day, and you’re scrolling through Facebook. You’ve had a long day, and you don’t have the mental energy to read anything too dense. If a friend shares an article with long blocks of text, how likely are you to read it at this point? On the other hand, what if that article were divided into short, easily-digestible paragraphs? Even better, what if it had headers and subheadings to break up and organize the text? People can tell whether or not they want to read your content, and it only takes a glance.

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KiLLIt Online

Don’t have time to revise your entire blogging strategy? That’s okay because that’s exactly what we’re here for. We have a proven set of SEO techniques that will get more readers to your blog. Even better, we can help you turn those readers into clients and customers. You can get started today by contacting KiLLit Online. Let’s take your blog to the next level.


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