Novice PPC campaign leaders should avoid common error


Adding B2B paid search as a new channel in your marketing campaigns can be potentially profitable. However, there are common pitfalls that a lot of novices fall into, according to Search Engine Land. Making yourself aware of these mistakes is the best way to start avoiding them.

First, it’s a common mistake to launch this new marketingchannel before all components are in place. For instance, a smooth and efficient PPC operation needs its landing pages and conversion tracking tools. The former is needed to keep its conversion numbers to a viable level. The latter is a necessity in keeping up with how well your PPC campaign is doing. These are two common items left out after a premature launch. Better to start the new campaign a few days late, rather than leave out elements that are essential to itsultimate goals.

Another common error is making decisions before adequate information can be found. According to people with paid search experience, it’s best to not even try to put a chronological deadline on gleaning quality information from tools like conversion trackers. Patience is virtue, so use it. Wait until a viable quantity of information has been taken in if you want to make a quality decision on which direction your brand’s PPC should go next.

Don’t let personal biases get in the way of smart business decisions. Petty biases are one of those human vices that can lead to bad decisions. For example, you may have heard negative rumors about Google Adwords or another platform. That does not necessarily mean you should avoid using the marketing features they offer. As a PPC director, be prepared to try different avenues to optimize your brand’s return.


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