Online Video Platforms


    Online videos are one of the most effective marketing instruments available to today’s businesses. The potential to create a catchy and informative online video campaign is so great that any modern business should be looking to utilize this tool. Of course, one cannot simply create a video, throw it into the ether of the Internet and expect their services and products to succeed. Informed producers of marketing videos know that they will reach different sets of audiences by placing their videos in a variety of platforms.

    List of Leading Online Video Platforms

      1. YouTube – The second-most popular search engine in the world, YouTube allows its users to upload videos for free and even create their own channels. YouTube offers users the ability to advertise their own videos and access performance tools like Google Analytics. The YouTube landscape is full of competition, so keeping abreast of how your videos are faring is essential.
    1. Vzaar – This video platform is geared toward businesses that would like to create, protect, and ensure the quality of, their videos. As a video-hosting site, it offers a number of analytic tools and customization options. A free 30-day trial period is available for anyone interested in using this product.
    1. Vidyard – Created specifically with business marketing in mind, Vidyard is a platform that integrates easily with many other marketing products, such as Adobe, MailChimp, and the Salesforce suite of products. Vidyard tracks individual viewer data, which allows for an in-depth critical view of marketing. This platform is available for a 14-day free trial, during which users have access to the entirety of their product.
    1. GoAnimate – A platform that uses animated videos to engage potential audiences, GoAnimate lets users actively create their own videos, rather than use the passivity of photographs. GoAnimate provides starter templates for novice users, and a whole cadre of customization tools as users get more experienced. The animated characters will automatically lip synch to voice recordings, providing a professional feel to any videos. A 14-day free trial is available for anyone who would like to test this platform out.

    Video marketing is an effective form of reaching potential customers. While the process of planning, creating, editing, and publishing a quality video may seem daunting, many online platforms simplify this ordeal. Finding the right platform for you could be as easy as signing up for a free trial and spending some time creating.


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