Optimize your app usage for better performance


Unfortunately, many apps lack the staying power that their designers intended. In fact, about 90 percent of the time, users will abandon an app within a week, according to Marketing Land. With 89 percent of mobile online time happening within apps, it’s not hard to imagine the tremendous opportunity for monetization with the right design. Experts are saying a few simple alterations can increase the longevity of an app.

First, target your audience in segments to direct the most effective marketing information with personalized content. In any marketing strategy, focusing content according to a segments shopping and purchasing habits is an effective way to build up a solid base. Using this tactic, you match a product with interested consumers.

Use your available mobile space wisely. Content should be designed so it does not distract or annoy the user. Important data can be inserted with the help of banners and other tools, or you can highlight important messages with subtle use of shades and colors that seems a natural part of the surroundings.

Create a dialogue with your customers with the use of feedback loops. Consumers like to feel like their input is important and effectual. For instance, ask for responses to questions about their in-app experience, and what could make it better. In this way, they feel their input is meaningful, and you can use their answers as a guide for later improvements.

Timing is very important when reaching out to your customers and knowing when to reveal the right feature at the right time is crucial. For instance, you don’t want to offer coupons too early or too late in the process. Also, review questions usually are offered at the end of the journey not at the beginning or in the middle.


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