Pay Per Click Advertising Tips that Will Help You Kill It Online!


How do you know if pay per click advertising (PPC) is the right fit for you? Well, if you are looking for highly targeted leads without having to depend upon the organic traffic of your website, PPC could be the right solution for you.

That being said, if you are a small business, PPC advertising can drive highly targeted leads to your website that would not have been cultivated through traditional channels.

With the help of targeted keyword research and a sound strategy, the following tips can help you pull together a paid per click advertising campaign that will help you increase the revenues of your business and ultimately, kill it online,

Tip 1: Conduct Extensive Keyword Research

Although time-consuming, understanding the most relevant keywords for your business is essential when driving highly qualified leads to your website. Your keywords list should always be growing, relevant to your current industry and comprehensive; including both short-tail and long-tailed keywords.

Tip 2: Boost your Quality Score

Quality Scores of 5 or higher means you are paying less for higher quality leads. Google assigns a quality score for each ad campaign based upon several factors such as keyword relevance, landing page quality, past account performance, and of course the click-through rate.

There are two actions you can take immediately to boost your quality score. First, tightly group your keywords to build a history of successful account performance. You can invest in a keyword grouping tool, or choose a series of keywords that best suit your needs.

Next, make sure you write engaging text chocked full of relevant keywords. The compounding effect of relevant ad text, positioning benefits and historical pricing can all help give your quality score a boost.

Tip 3: Create Mobile- Friendly Ads

The average time an adult spends on their mobile phones is estimated at an average of 5.6 hours per day. That being said, more people are using their phones to shop, engage in social media and research products and services. That is why you want your ads to be as responsive as possible.

Invest a bit more in a mobile responsive ad template to ensure the best outcome possible. As more people can experience the full effects of the ad, the higher your overall conversion rates, and more profitable your ad investment will be.

Although there are many elements to executing a successful AdWords campaign, these three tips are a great start. The key is understanding your market, which words they will use to search your product and delivering your ads in a mobile-friendly way.

If you are a business owner and feel PPC advertising is the next step for your business to kill-it-online, then click here for more educational content geared towards your success.


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