Personal assistant search optimization is the future of SEO


The coined phrase personal assistant search optimization (PASO) is slipping into the online marketer’s lexicon, right now as a subheading of search engine optimization (SEO) but is expected to build up its own momentum. According to Search Engine Land, it’s a new trend that marketers should take very seriously, and the PASO should become a critical part of a marketer’s online strategy.

Experts believe the role of the personal assistants is going to grow rapidly as time goes by and will become at least as important as the SEO rankings that marketers work so hard to conquer now. With the popularization of PAs – Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant – their uses have expanded to include online queries (and much more).

Personal assistants are not limited to home-based computers – they are also on mobiles, like Androids and the iOS platforms. Users can walk around with convenient voice interaction as they query for products, service or restaurants.

Since a PA works through AI programs, the query results will be more attuned to the desire of the user includes preferred choice and proximity. So, if a user asks his/her PA to find a brick-and-mortar that creates t-shirt logos, that information will be given. In addition, PA results only give very few results.

Also, it is important to know where PAs get their online data. This depends upon the queries, of course. If a user asks about a good car lot, the PA will look for the easiest resource online. SEO experts will have to learn more in this new field of expertise if they are going to remain competitive.



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