Pi will make life easier for marketers


Is it a social marketing tool of artificial social engagement? The new bot on the block, Post Intelligence (nicknamed Pi), is the latest in AI which will build a working mental model (not just a profile) and can serve as a predictor for user engagement, according to Martech Today.

This new rebrand based in San Franscisco has released its new AI tool which is expected to boost social marketing engagement and create posts.  The new app, Pi, was rolled out for Web and Android.

The new company’s Pi appcreates neural networks by tracing the target user’s social posts. This enables the app to make its predictions about the user, and it aids in engagement and generating posts. Predictions are gauged from 0 to 10. A zero shows little engagement; a five indicates moderate amount; ten is the greatest chance of engagement.

Pi has tested out as 80 percent accurate in predicting the level of engagement with target users. A marketer could post multiple pages or platforms through the app, running them on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. At present, Pi has not been rolled out for Instagram and Snapchat but is expected to be developed.

Pi will improve engagement for its marketer users. The app can aid in finding links to enhance user engagement, and give topical lists, and show the best posting times. Pi will build models of different target users and construct posts on a given subject to be sent out on a time schedule. The workload of the average marketer is reduced considerably.


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