Plan your ads for conversion and purchase increases


When developing ad content, seeking new ways to “think outside the box” can reap dividends in the bigger picture. Some marketers tend to use a “set it and forget it” method, but that leaves out so many possibilities, new ways to communicate your messages more effectively to viewers, according to Search Engine Land. There are a few simple trick you can try.
First, ensure that the viewers overall experience with your brand is smooth and easy. Making your potential customer feel comfortable doing business with you over the internet is very important. Insert elements into the content that reassures them your brand is reputable and honest. For instance, if the company has been doing business for five decades, that would be a usable fact. Also, to further reduce buyer anxiety, promise them a hassle-free return policy, or same-day shipping. Then, you must follow through with your promises to maintain brand trust and reputation.
Another tactic you can use is catchy language in your content that makes the ad stand out to your viewers. At the same time, your content must be concise; being too wordy will likely be a big turnoff that will send your customer searching the web for another brand. Take a little time to brainstorm ideas that will likely drive viewers toward conversions. Also, highlight the positive differences between you and the competition to encourage the idea that doing business with your brand is the better, smarter choice. Things that could work in your favor might be price differences, the competition’s lack of incentives, or other facts that makes your brand seem superior.
Finally, providing incentives is very effective to increase your conversions. Discounts and freebies have been effective commercial tools since before the Digital Age began: such as, offering prospective customers free shipping, or holiday discounts (i.e. 50% off Labor Day Sale).


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