Platforms are streamlining the sign-up process


Since we are in the digital age, many companies offer apps for various services.The functionality of our smart phones we have today,combined with the level of technology,can make the consumer’s online experience easier. The sign-up process can be easily streamlined for convenience, according to Marketing Land.

First, using instructional tools, like brief tutorials or mobile wizards, can offer your viewers aneasier mobile experience. The learning process can be monitored to detect weak points that can be improved for future viewers.

Phone cameras are conveniences of the new millennium, and they can be used for obtaining credit card information during a purchase. Some consumers find the task of constantly entering numbers onto a keypad tedious, especially when they hit they “fatfinger” the wrong icon.

Another modern convenience that can be used for your customer is quick sign-up information. It relinquishes a great deal of consumer information to a social platform that fills in the blank slots in a sign-up form, but some view this convenience as a balanced compensation.

“Location-based sharing” is another tool that can help in a sign-up process. Some companies give this as an option for consumers who want to make the sign-up process more efficient. Many companies use ZIP codes to automatically fill in city and state slots.

Be careful to strike a balance of requested information for an account setup process. If you ask for too much the user will usually abandon the site altogether. Some companies will offer a “minimal information” option for a mobile device.


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