The pluses of automation in online marketing


The word “automation”seems to strike a fearful dirge in some people’s minds, as if forewarning the death of one’s career. However, the rise of automation in PPC should inspire professionals to do their happy dance because of the benefits it brings to online marketing, according to Martech.

One benefit is letting the digital algorithms handle the bidding wars. Computers are able to change bids according to a company’s performance goals and produce greater value in the bidding process. Human eyes will not have to watch every product. With automation, greater bids are placed on high end products with limited bids on the lesser. In either case, it becomes easier to obtain greater revenues and better profit margins.

Using automation is also beneficial in managing information for advertising reports, ad groups, keywords and other functions.Any kind of repetitious activity that would require a lot of man-hours to keyboard can be accomplished more efficiently so that a company’s human resources can be put to use in other ways, like planning the next advertising strategy.

In managing ad campaign, automation is an enhancer not a replacer. Managing incredibly large accounts can be done more efficiently as automation can perform a vast number of monotonous routines much faster than human fingers can tap on a keyboard.With Googles recent innovation, “IF functions” which rolled out globally Jan. 31, ads will be made to fit whatever mobile or non-mobile device a potential customer might be viewing.


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