Polling data shows mobile devices are winning out over PCs


In a Fluent poll, data showing that mobile-based sales are outstripping PC-based sales (reported in Marketingland) is a clarion call for marketing managers to be sure their ads are mobile-friendly.  The survey used 2,773 adults.

According to reports, people have been expecting mobile use to increase way beyond the old-style lap and desk computers, but the recent numbers show that time has come now. More than half of the test subjects showing preference to their smartphones for general use and online purchasing.

Fifty-five percent said they prefer to use smartphones as opposed to desktops and laptops, 14% and 12% respectively.

For on-line purchases, 54% of the test subjects said they prefer using smartphones, and 23% use laptop or desktop with tablets coming in third with 14 %. The remaining 9% were listed as “other connected devices.”

Of those who purchased with a smartphone, 51 percent of them used an app as opposed to the 49 % who said they used a mobile website, cutting the pie pretty evenly. Data also indicates women prefer the websites, but men are more likely to use an app. By age, the 18-34 people prefer apps; the 45+ crowd likes the website.


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