More Powerful SEO and Conversion Tools: Blogs, Microblogs, Social Media, and Multimedia Sites


Blogging increases search engine optimization (SEO) and website conversions by expanding your online presence and driving traffic to your website. By sharing information from tips to tutorials, you become the go-to authority in your field—often costing only your time—as you watch both your search rankings and conversion rate rise.

Popular Platforms

  • WordPress. The most popular traditional blogging software since 2003, WordPress is used on 60 million blogs and websites. Its features include plugins and templates. The software can be used on its own site for free or at an upgraded level, or be downloaded at a paid hosting site.
  • Typepad. Many organizations and media such as ABC, MSNBC, and the BBC have used this traditional blogging service since 2003. Its features include multiple author support, photo albums, and mobile blogging in several languages. It offers paid subscription levels after a 14-day free trial.
  • Blogger. Bought by Google in 2003, this traditional service allows up to 100 blogs per user account. Generally, blogs are hosted at Compared with WordPress, it can also be hosted at registered custom domains for free, but cannot be installed on another web server.
  • Tumblr. In 2013, Yahoo! acquired this microblogging and social networking website, founded in 2007, which hosts 302.6 million blogs and has 555 million monthly visitors. Multimedia and other content is uploaded into short posts through a “dashboard.” Blogs can have followers or be private.
  • Twitter. Even businesses “Tweet” on this microblogging and social media platform that can reach a vast network of (approved) followers. It is expanding its multimedia features to supplement the 140-character message length.
  • Facebook. Most people know and “like” this social media giant, which calls its entries “posts” as on blogs. But companies also need to know about business Pages, which offer networking, multimedia options, and analytics.
  • Pinterest. Once known as “a global scrapbook,” Pinterest now has 100 million active users, including some of the world’s biggest companies, who build awareness, drive traffic to their websites, and sell.
  • Vlogs.” The most popular video blog is YouTube, where you can post videos to your channel and link them to your other social media, blog, and website. Many videos go “viral,” reaching thousands or millions of viewers.
  • Podcasts: Users are increasingly using apps, or podcatchers, to listen to audio content, often interviews describing a topic or your business. You can link to them on social media and on your blog and website.

Posting high-quality content regularly—SEO includes activity—will boost your ranking in organic Google search results and keep bringing people back. And as followers share your posts, you get free advertising. Choose one or more of these vital promotional tools that will work best for your business.


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