PPC vs Organic SEO for Restoration Companies


Struggling with that PPC vs SEO question? The truth is that you’ll need a fair amount of both. Restoration companies especially can benefit from this kind of balance. PPC, or pay-per-click ads, place your advertisements at the top of the search engines. While you do have to pay for these ads, you won’t have to pay much. As the name implies, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. SEO, or search engine optimization, is an organic process that prepares your website for search engine success. When you combine the two, you get some powerful marketing strategies.

How SEO Bolsters PPC

PPC advertising is a great, inexpensive tool that can give you fast results. However, not everybody clicks on PPC ads. Some people look right past them. That’s where SEO comes in. If you bolster your PPC efforts with some real SEO, then you gain the attention of all of those people who don’t click on PPC ads. Overall, SEO will give you more noticeable results than PPC by itself. A solid SEO strategy will help you gain clients.

How PPC Boosts SEO

If SEO gets better results than PPC ads, then why use those ads at all? Because they work, and they work fast. Sure, your PPC ads won’t give you the dramatic results that SEO can give you, but they do give you results. SEO can take a long time before you finally start noticing a difference. PPC will start working right away. It can act as a useful placeholder until your SEO results start showing up.

Developing Your Strategy

Now that you know why you need both SEO and PPC ads, it’s time to develop your strategy. You’ll want a healthy combination of both options to get more website clicks. Don’t forget to include social media in your strategy. Social media sites also provide some PPC opportunities, You can also include social media in your SEO keyword usage. Your strategy will take time, so don’t try to rush the process. The more you plan now, the better results you’ll get.

How KiLLit Online Can Help

You can also make this whole process easier on yourself by letting KiLLit Online handle it. At KiLLit Online, we’ve already developed several PPC and SEO strategies. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. Instead of experimenting, why not use what we already know? Get in touch with us today. We’ll help you find the perfect combination of SEO and PPC.

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