Prioritize your keywords to optimize your marketing strategy


Keywords are among the prime aspects of a solid SEO marketing strategy and are crucial in balancing many of your goals in promoting your brand’s ads, according to Search Engine Land.Prioritizing keywords according to their application in user search queries can help marketers plan their overall advertisement campaign.

Maintaining a close and ongoing study on your keyword metrics is vital because keywords are not a constant. Those that are highly used today, may become less important tomorrow, or disappear from the search queries altogether within a few months – weeks – or days.

Your most important category is the highly profitable keywords, those that have proven to bring in the best ROI. These are the terms that bring in the most clicks, conversions, and returns; due to that fact that a good marketer will always give them priority when budget-minded management starts talking about cutting expenditures.

Next are the slightly profitable keywords, those that can be counted on for boosting valuable sales some of the time, and are good for ratcheting up the numbers on metrics charts.

Then there are the keywords that seem to have potential but have not shown to be profitable yet. They are a good addition to your lists, even if not very reliable for bringing in revenues. But occasionally, the complexities of business need more than profitability.

Sometimes businesses are in need of more clicks to raise the interest of certain investors. In this case, some of your less active keywords can be brought onboard to help with that.


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