Publishers want to unblock video ads


There’s been a lot of back and forth in recent years over the ad-blocking trend, according to Martech Today. There is a lot of concern coming from marketers, especially concerning videos.

Tech predictors are forecasting a rise in ad-blocking among users, as much as an increase of a third in 2017. The potential economic impact to online marketing is expected to reach as high as $27 billion lost by 2020, the big fear of online publishers.

The major platforms are rallying to defend against this impending financial downturn. Facebook is trying to find ways to circumvent the blocks without losing any of their own users. Ad-blocking providers are being offered a great deal of money by large online media sources to have their companies “white listed,” excluded from the blocked list

Ad-blocking programs don’t differentiate between ad types. They block video ads and banner ads alike. On the users’ side of the issue, many people don’t like the intrusive nature of ads, especially the processing power eaten up by video ads which interfere with the content users want to view. This has proven to be especially problematic for mobile devices, especially the videos with auto-play and sound.

Publishers are considering ways to change the presentation of video ads. One option would be allowing their viewers to “skip” an ad from the outset rather than making them wait a prescribed number of seconds before opting it away. Another concept on the rise is native video ads, those which are embedded into the display environment that does not interfere with the content being viewed.


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