Put Google+ To Work for Your Business


    Savvy business owners know they should not put all their marketing eggs (and dollars) in one basket. That is, don’t rely solely on your website, or solely on Facebook or LinkedIn to generate leads for your business. When you put the power of a full variety of diverse social media platforms and channels to work for you, you effectively harness the full power of the Internet and all its search engine capabilities.

    One digital marketing vehicle that does not get nearly the press as most others is Google+ (also known as G+). Google+ is a social network and so much more, as it combines the top features that made other social media platforms popular. Through Google+ you can follow others, post amazing images and relevant content, and join Google+ communities that interest you personally or are of value for your business.

    What do Google+, Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, and Maps all have in common? Hint: They are not standalone services. Google+ lets you connect across them all, and set up a business profile that represents your online brand. Businesses that also operate in the B2B space and that have a local listing on Google Maps can also have a Google+ business page. Through Google+, business owners can connect with each other, engage in each other’s content, and share updates—all valuable opportunities to promote brand awareness.

    Using Google+ for Your Business

    Google+ works well for businesses whether they offer a product or a service. SEO-rich content combined with quality photos and images equates to engaged readership and viewers—viewers who are interested in you and your business, and who are highly likely to convert to a qualified lead. Of course, viewer engagement is a two-way street. Just as you want people and businesses to engage with you, you should do the same with those who interest you. Similar to a Facebook “Like,” you can “Plus One” a business, the Google+ equivalent.

    The main reason why your business should be on Google+ is to increase traffic to your website. Imagine someone is looking for mold remediation services, the exact service you provide. This person performs a Google search for mold remediation services within a 25-mile radius of their zip code. If they have added your business to their Google+ Circles, your web content will have a better chance of appearing in this person’s search results. And, by posting Google+ content that is relevant to your business, such as a blog on the dangers of mold, users might see your post in their Google search results—all of which improves your ability to appear in a Google search.

    Don’t underestimate the power of Google+. After investing some time in learning about the service, you may wonder why you didn’t sign up for your Google+ account sooner!


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