Quick Marketing Tips for Busy Business Owners


You don’t have a lot of spare time. Running a restoration business is already time-consuming, and that’s before you add internet marketing into the mix. Still, you need online marketing to keep your business up and running. Since you can’t run your business without internet marketing, how can you save time and still promote your business online? You can start with these tips.

Start With Small Goals

The first thing you can do to save time is to get rid of any vague, lofty goals. Start with something simple, specific, and measurable. Instead of trying to get hundreds of new followers every day, start with something more attainable. That goal might be to optimize your website’s SEO. It might be to add blogging to your marketing efforts. You can increase those goals later, but for now, these are the types of things you can fit into your schedule.

Mobile Media

You don’t have to do all your marketing from your desktop anymore. While you should definitely strategize every once in a while, you can also take a lot of your marketing efforts on the go. Have an idea for a blog post? Write it down in your notes app. Want to reach some potential clients? Tweet something. These actions only take a few seconds, but over time, they can add up to some excellent marketing.

Automation and Scheduling

Since you won’t always have time for marketing, why not take advantage of the time that you do have? Automation and scheduling can make a big difference. With blogging, for example, you can write and edit posts ahead of time and then schedule them for a later date. Let’s say that you want to release a blog post once a week. You could write four posts at the beginning of the month, schedule their release dates, and then leave that part of your marketing alone for a while and focus on other things.

Let KiLLit Online Take Care of It

Marketing is tough. If you’re already busy, it’s even tougher. If you want to save a ton of time on your marketing efforts, then let KiLLit Online take care of it. We’re experts on all aspects of online marketing. We’ll work with you to learn more about your marketing goals, and then we’ll establish the plan that will get you there. Want to learn more? Contact the KiLLit Online team to get started.


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