Real-world stores can use emails to compete in the digital world


Online shopping is causing a decline in traffic for the traditional brick-and-mortar stores, so real-world retail outlets are being forced to create a personalized experience for online viewers in order to compete. E-mails are becoming a very useful tool for this purpose, but it must be applied correctly, according to Marketing Land.

First, send out highly personalized e-mails, targeting specific customer groups that your analytics show will be the most receptive.There are online resources that can help you put together customer profiles that will help you achieve an optimal personalized marketing strategy.

Getting the correct email information from your customers is very important and should be taken at the point of sale (POS). Always let your customers know it is optional. If they agree to give you their information, then let them input it themselves and read it back to them afterwards

Mobile phones have to be taken into consideration when designing a website. Your e-mail campaigns should include links to your website, but be certain it your online presence is developed for cross-device interaction. More than two-thirds of Americans own a mobile device of some kind, according to studies. Most mobile users will not stay with a retail outlet website if the formatting makes viewing something less than a positive experience.

Unfinished transactions can be special-target users for your personalized email strategy. These are people who placed items into their digital carts then did not complete the transaction, for whatever reason – perhaps, their mobile suddenly lost power, or their boss walked into the room. Who knows? But, they are a potential customer, and maintaining contact may transform them into a paying customer.


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