Recent survey seems to contradict conventional wisdom


A recent survey indicates that people who use mobile devices might be more forgiving of a bad website experience than was previously believed, according to Marketing Land. Three factors that viewers might have the hardest time overlooking are erroneous names, addresses, or phone numbers.

The current wisdom put out by consumer data tends to indicate that if a mobile-user encounters a bad site-experience then that site is likely to lose a potential customer permanently. However, a survey put out by Vistaprint Digital is flipping this conventional wisdom. While everyone wants clear visuals and sound whenever they visit a site, a less than perfect experience may not be the deal-breaker that has been reported; as long as correct and well-defined contact information is available, other fallacies might be overlooked.

The survey was taken with 1,818 adults in the United States last month, and the questions centered around their expectations when visiting a small business website. The respondents were not categorized according to age or gender.

According to this study, in addition to the bad NAP info, consumers definitely want accessible directions and clear business hours included. Missing product information or unprofessional designs were the next least tolerated fallacies.  Less than 20 percent of the respondents mentioned “bad mobile experience.”

Fonts that are difficult to read were a rather low priority apparently with only 23.7 percent of the respondents remarking on this. The expectation for “high quality images and icons” came in at only 11.7 percent. Also, surprising, according to the conventional wisdom, was the low importance for a “mobile-friendly experience,” which came in at 21.5 percent. Overall, current NAP information was the clear winner as the most important feature.


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