Relationships in cross-channel marketing are complex but glean ROI


Your marketing attribution should see a positive return on investment (ROI) within 90 days, according to Martech Today. Hard and aggressive implementation from the beginning is important to maintain a viable campaign and to show that all necessary resources are available to bring about your goal of a positive ROI.

First thing to do is decide on your goals and beginning strategies to drive your marketing forward efficiently. Start with basic marketing questions to align your efforts for what works toward the best desired response.

The complicated relationships of one marketing effort working in coordination with another can become easier to process mentally through cross-channel attribution. Starting small, exploring the possibilities within one channel, is a good way to start finding what works and what does not. Optimizing the feasibility of keywords to query; attributions will cull out the ineffectual keywords – those that fail to make profitable conversions. Optimize each marketing venue with testing.

Each marketing channel has a predictable time resolution that will be different from another. Video has a much longer time to impact – so-called – than an SEM. The former can take a full two to three months, the latter only a few days.

Near the end of your overall 90-day marketing attribution, you will have to implement cross-channel strategies to optimize your efforts with a positive ROI, strategically cutting some of your channels with low time to impact, in favor of the others.


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