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Water Damage Restoration Marketing

You don’t have to have a degree in marketing to formulate a successful marketing strategy for your business. A simple dictionary definition of “marketing strategy” is a plan of action designed to promote a product or service.  An essential first step in any successful business marketing strategy is to ask for input on your plan from the trusted professionals on your team. Together, talk about your objectives and decide how to reach them. Write down the marketing ideas that feel the most manageable and set timelines for each goal. Revisit your ideas monthly.  Don’t be too intimidated to get started. You can do this! Use these tried-and-true basics to plan a successful marketing strategy for your restoration business today.

Identify Objectives

The first step in a formal marketing strategy is identifying measurable goals and the formulation of a plan to achieve those goals.  For example, if you set a goal to grow your visibility on Facebook by increasing your Facebook followers by 100 people, you should write down strategies to achieve that goal. It can be as simple as posting a simple how-to video on upholstery stain removal and asking friends and clients to follow your page for more helpful tips.  Decide on and define several measurable objectives together and be sure to assign responsibility for each. When you revisit these strategies, discuss which ones worked, which ones didn’t, and why.

Marketing Methods


If you don’t already have a website, you need one. It’s that simple. Almost everyone searching for a service looks online first. You must have a digital presence to be competitive. Hire a reputable company to design a business website that identifies who you are, the services you provide, how best to contact you, and any reviews you may be able to share. If you already have a website, you must keep your information updated, timely, and easily accessible.


Weekly blogging is an integral part of a marketing strategy. Blogging allows your business a more personal voice than it might have otherwise. Blog posts on your website not only drive traffic to your site, but should provide helpful tips, give essential updates and information, or even tell a story from time to time. Blog posts can be written all at one time and scheduled for release. Once you’ve checked this item off your marketing list for the month, you don’t have to think about it again that month.

Social Media

There are lots of social media platforms. You shouldn’t try to utilize them all. Decide which platform best applies to your consumer demographic. For example, if you decide to use Facebook, really use it. Use a calendar to schedule posts that are timely and thoughtful. For example, determine on Mondays to post “Helpful Hints.” On Wednesdays, share the blog post from your website. Host a contest once a month for a Facebook giveaway.  Be sure you follow other small businesses in your area. Like and comment on their pages, and they will reciprocate. The more you engage, the better!

Get Out There

A successful marketing strategy gets you involved. You cannot always stay behind the computer! Join a local civic group or the Chamber of Commerce. Volunteer once a quarter with a favorite charity. Sponsor a local Little League team. Partner with a local hardware store and give a free seminar together. Community visibility is a good (and profitable) strategy.

Email NewsLetters

Every time you have an opportunity to build your email database, you should. Then, at a frequency that feels right to you, send out a business newsletter to your clients and business contacts within your community. Short and helpful email newsletters are just another way to get your business on the minds of folks in your community.

Ask for Referrals

Never leave business on the table. Incorporate this simple, free request within your marketing strategy. Every time you finish a job and gain a satisfied customer, be sure you ask that customer to refer you to their friends. You could even go the extra mile and invest in something to leave behind, like a magnet or a calendar with your contact information for easy reference.

Method Overlap

Don’t do the same work twice. Allow your marketing ideas to overlap. Share your blog post from your website on Facebook. Take a picture of your team members in company t-shirts stocking shelves at a local food bank, and share the image in your email newsletter. Run a contest on Facebook with a giveaway promotion and feature the winner on your website. Let your work start working for you!

Let KiLLit Online Help

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