Retargeting Strategies with Google Adwords


Retargeting strategies allows you to follow an ad viewer as they surf the web after they have clicked your ad. This simple strategy provides the opportunity to reconnect with the viewer, even after they have left your ad. That way, when they visit other sites across the web, your ad will still strategically pop up- allowing for more clicks and traffic to your site.

The result? Greater ROI and exposure to your brand and product when the customer is ready to buy.

How Does It Work?

Every time a visitor lands on your ad or website, Google will drop a small little “cookie” which is a short line of code that follows that user around the world-wide- web. As the user surfs the net and visits other websites, your ads will preemptively pop up on relevant sites.

This technique allows you to drill down to your exact target niche, and hit them with ads when they are most ready to make a purchase.

Retargeting Advantages

Retargeting provides you the opportunity to stay front-and-center with your audience. Google recommends on your first campaign to target ads for everyone who has visited your website. This way, you can stay with them throughout their entire research experience.

Retargeting can also be combined with other forms of digital marketing, such as targeting demographics. When blending the two strategies together, you can attract much more business to your website.

Cost of Google Retargeting

Depending on your budget, play around with the filters on your first retargeting campaign. You can also set a cost-per-click limit in order to keep your budget in-line. Also, think about combining your strategies with other tools such as contextual targeting or conversion filtering to keep costs low.

Remember, the broader the range of capture, the costlier the price, so experiment on a small scale, see what works, and then expand.

Banner Ads and Google Retargeting

In order to create attractive banner ads that catch the user’s eye and prompt more clicks, try giving Google’s Ad Builder a try. Not only is it free, but it will introduce you to building attractive ads that can follow your website visitors around the web.

Google retargeting allows ads that combine both rich media, text, images and even video. Figure out your specific audience and explore the different ways you can attract more leads. If one banner ad is not yielding the results you want, try tweaking it a bit until you find one that hits. Then increase your cost basis and let the leads start rolling in!

Ready to KillitOnline? Strategies and Tips to get you there

In order to kill it online in your business and live the life of your dreams, you need to try different techniques to drive traffic to your website. The higher quality the traffic, the more revenue you can ultimately bring in! Take some time to day to explore Google retargeting, and discover how you can implement it into your business.


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