Roles of the marketing team interact closely


Digital marketing has grown in importance since the late ‘90s and early 2000’s, embedding itself into all industries. An effective marketing team is an integral part of generating revenue for a business. There are at several recognizable roles in that team that are key to its effectiveness, both individually and interactively. However, a few others have recently been added to that list, according to Marketing Land. Some of these roles may be held in-house or out-sourced to third party companies.

Some of the established positions include the marketing VP, Marketing Manager, PPC Specialist, CRO-focus designer, SEO Specialist, and the Designer.The first two are essential part of the leadership in the marketing hierarchy. The others focus on generating revenue in their various specialized areas. That is, of course, simplifying the roles greatly because the day-to-day responsibilities these people perform are more complex.

One of the newcomers to the list of necessary team members is the Virtual Assistant. The VA can be utilized as a kind of gatherer and disseminator of important data. This is either a specific individual or group that scrapes data from various locations across the internet then constructs metrics and models that are used to drive thedevelopment of vital revenue-generating content.

Finally, the position of Account-based Content Marketer is also being recognized as an important cog in the marketing machinery.These are the people that develop content targeting the optimal customer model then market that brand content to their viewers across the internet. The Account-based Content Marketer works closely with the VA in directing him/her to the type of data needed in targeting their desired audience type.


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