A few rules to remember in marketing


One of the goals in online marketing is conversion rate optimization (CRO), but that part of the job can be a challenge when you are working across multiple channels, according to Search Engine Land. Fortunately, there are a few tricks that can be learned to increase your conversion rates.

One thing to remember when bidding on keywords is the user’s intent behind such queries. This aligns with the old marketing tenet of “know thy customer.” Then there is knowing how your customers will react to ad content, and whether or not they follow through with an action.

The ultimate goal is to create revenue for your brand. In retail, the object is to sell the product your searchers are looking for. To do this successfully, marketing strategies must be planned carefully to move the user smoothly from landing page to the final payout. This may require a few small conversions before they make a purchase. At the same time, don’t overwhelm your viewer with too much clutter. If a user wants a purse, then make the path easy for them. Don’t make them look through the shoe section before letting them see the product selection they want. Some marketers make the mistake of trying show too much in one visit. This can frustrate the user, in which case they will move on to another brand’s website.

Another very important rule to remember in marketing, you must ensure that your web pages are flexible, able to adapt to multiple devices, especially mobiles since they are the dominant channel among your users. A viewer wants to have a seamlessly easy experience in any website when shopping for the desired product. If a site is not easily read on their mobile, they will move on to another website.


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