Safeguarding your company’s marketing tech should be a high priority


As online marketing grows, so does the need for safeguarding technology. An article in Martech detailed a few tricks that can help bolster up the security around marketing technology.

First and foremost, find who owns the data being exchanged between you and a SaaS platform. Do you or do the service agreements give ownership to the platform. Some information that is exchanged may be harmless, but some of the data could include very personal information. If your organization relinquishes ownership, will the next owner handle that information in a way you or consumers may not approve. For instance, some companies collect e-mail information and sell them to spammers.

Second of all, assessing the service level agreement (SLA)of SaaS platforms may be the next place to go. Find out what level of service you have the right to expect, then make certain they fully deliver what they stated. Also, make sure your company or organization is getting the full benefit of the platform’s security capacity.

Bolstering internal security is another important issue. When you have multiple employees signing into the same network, then restrict all access to company functions through one master account. Also, formalizing a process by which new employees are integrated into the master account then removed when they leave the company would help in securing your network and its data. In addition, changing passwords frequently is an extra step that some companies use to prevent trouble in the long run.

Network monitoring is another trick that should be utilized to ensure the security of your network. Work with your IT people to watchdog network activity and report any suspicious activities.


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