Sales Promotions: When to Use and When to Avoid


For a restoration company, sales promotions can boost revenue. Sure, you’re offering a discount, but that discount makes potential customers take notice. You’ll give more customers a chance to experience your amazing service, and as a result, you’ll build customer loyalty. There’s an art and a science to running sales promotions, however. Here are some of the Do’s and Don’ts of sales promotion timing.

Do: Offer Holiday Sales Promotions

The holidays are a great time for restoration company sales promotions. People start looking for ways to save money, so they’re already searching for the services that they need. A search for discounts can lead people straight to your website. Plus, people start getting ready to host friends and family over the holidays. This means that services like carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning are in higher demand, and people will naturally want to find the best deal. Holiday sales promotions give you fantastic opportunities to build your customer base.

Do: Offer Discounts After a Big Weather Event

You know better than anyone that major weather events can take people by surprise. When a major thunderstorm, tornado, or other event sweeps across a region, people who haven’t budgeted for these events need a place to turn. These people will, of course, look for the best deal. If you can offer that deal and then provide a great service, they’ll call you again in the future.

Do: Have a Mid-Year Sales Promotion

The only problem with the above promotions is that other restoration companies will probably have similar timing. If you want your company to stand out, you can have an additional promotion in the middle of the year. If you have a sales promotion at a time when none of your competitors do the same, you can draw attention to your own business.

Don’t: Hold Promotions Too Often

So, is there any bad time to have restoration company sales promotions? No, although you’ll find that some promotions work better than others. The key is to space your promotions far enough apart that they remain a novelty. You want your promotions to mean something. If you hold them too often, they just become white noise. People will ignore them, and that’s the opposite of what you want.

Do: Let KiLLitOnLine Help

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