SEO and Air Duct Cleaning- How to Use SEO to Get More Air Duct Cleaning Clients


Air duct cleaning is tricky. Sure, you know how to do it, but do you know how to advertise for it? Marketing is so much simpler when it comes to services that people use daily. Air duct cleaning is different, though. People don’t usually have their air ducts cleaned more than once a year. How do you advertise for an irregular service? SEO can help. Here’s how you use SEO techniques to get more air duct cleaning clients.

Use Some General Keywords

Don’t misunderstand: You’ll still want to use specific, long-tail keywords. However, you should also understand that people won’t search for air duct cleaning as often as they’ll search for other cleaning topics. You should use keywords that take advantage of those other topics. For example, you can write posts that emphasize how air duct cleaning benefits allergy sufferers. For those posts, look for allergy-specific keywords. You may also write posts about how to keep a house clean in general and include air ducts in your cleaning tips. In that case, keywords like “tips for spring cleaning” can help you tap into the right market.

Emphasize Location

As always, you’ll want to emphasize your location in a lot of your keywords. Don’t just use “air duct cleaning.” Instead, use “air duct cleaning in [your city].” Restoration is a very location-dependent profession. You can only serve the people who live in your area. When you use location-specific keywords, you can help the right people find you.

Use Relevant Links

We’ve discussed how to use links as part of your SEO strategy. Now let’s talk about linking to your air-cleaning keywords. Every good SEO strategy involves linking to relevant content. Use your key phrases as links to other content on your website. You can also link to your blog by commenting on other people’s blogs. Don’t comment on your competitor’s website, but you can absolutely comment on general cleanliness and allergy-specific blogs.

Use Hashtags on Social Media

Finally, you can boost your SEO game by using your keywords as hashtags on social media. You’ll give potential clients a better shot at finding you. Don’t forget to provide links to your content whenever you use those hashtags.

We Can Help

At KiLLit Online, we specialize in SEO for restoration companies. We know how to make your company shine, even when it comes to irregular services like air duct cleaning. Check out KiLLit Online today and be on the lookout for more SEO tips for irregular services.

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