SEO for apps marketing a little different from standard


The algorithmic rankings for mobile apps work a little differently than the standard search rankings. So, you have to adapt your SEO strategies accordingly. There are a few tricks to learn to get your app noticed by Google, according to Search Engine Land.

SEO strategy is a very important aspect of marketing your app. The importance of App Stores can’t be diminished as they are the source of about 40 percent of the apps being downloaded to users’ devices. However, Google has reported that about 27 percent of apps are found through search queries, a rise of almost 3 percent over two years ago.

Being placed in the so-called “Google app-pack” that often appears at the top of a search pageis like being placed on an elite listing. A brief description is displayed for each app along with a star rating and price.

As with any other SEO strategy, keywords are most important.The correct keywords should tell what it is rather than what it does. Studies indicate that searchers concentrate their app queries on names rather than purposes. Also, placing the word “app” in its title can be advantageous because that word is used by searchers in a search engine query.

One of the differences between normal SEO and the apps is the need for reviews. Your app may be ranked partially on keywords based in reviews, especially those mentioned near the top of a page. Your app’s star rating in a review can also impact its search ranking as Google prefers higher ratings. Also, the higher star rating could increase the click-through, which also affects the Google ranking.



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