SEO experts don’t need to stress over Google’s small changes


Google dominates most of the search traffic running through the web and seems to be ever changing the way we look for goods, services, games, and other things on the internet. Although SEO experts tend to stress over what changes the titanic platform may commit to its algorithms on a daily basis, all of the obsession and concern may not be necessary, according to Search Engine Land.  It’s just a matter of understanding what makes an ideal website according to Google standards.

Google tweaks its algorithms almost every day, and does not commonly announce these changes unless they are large-scale named upgrades, like Penguin, or some other. The unnamed updates have been given the generic catch-all label of “Fred.” However, Google says that its unnamed, and unannounced “Fred” updates are becoming less frequent, small comfort to marketers and SEOs whose livelihood seems to hinge upon predictables.

A few things Google algorithms focus on are content quality, links, user experience, and technical problems. All of these factors help determine what Google deems a quality website. There are resources that SEO experts can go to online to keep themselves informed about updates to the preferred quality standards: Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide, Google Webmaster Guidelines, and the Google Quality Raters Guide. Search Engine Land has its own resource called the Periodic Table of SEO Factors.

Links are scrutinized by the Penguin updates. The latest version of this update rolled out in 2016, easing some of the stresses on site owners who had less than quality links embedded in their websites.


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