SEO and Google searches


The face of the internet and internet marketing has been changing over the past decade.

Keywords and SEO rankings still have a premier position in the whole scheme of internet marketing, but they lack the personal interaction that is possible in social media.

Internet marketing has become commonplace – even necessary. It’s here to stay. Like the advent of print media then television marketing, online marketing has rushed into the forefront.

Now the keywords, once the staple of the SEO experts, are losing their luster as new search methods are being expedited. Many business owners still desire to see their company’s name placed on the coveted first page of a Google search, and will invest a great deal of money through SEO experts to get it there. However, accomplishing that goal does not guarantee more customers.

Businesses have become more aware of the need to depend upon online marketing to compete in the electronic marketplace. Even many small local business owners feel compelled to invest in a website to remain competitive. The interconnectivity of our globalizing society has been supercharged by the internet.

Social media is becoming another driving force behind successful online marketing. It has an advantage over the conventional search engine – actual dialogue. Customers discuss details with would-be customers. Nathan is rebuilding an old Indian motorcycle but he needs to find an original tail-light casing for that model. His online friend, Yakeem, remembers an online auction site that specializes in selling old automotive and motorcycle parts.


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