SEO and marketing professionals should work closely


Search engine optimization is still an important part of the online advertising strategy, but SEO experts and marketing managers seldom have in-depth discussions to plan cooperatively. This lack of communication often leads to issues that can have negative effects, according to Search Engine Land.

One of the common problems that can arise is with overselling merchandise, resulting in negative comments, which hurts brand reputation. If someone orders a lovely pair of shoes or dress for Mother’s Day then it does not arrive at the promised time, the customer is likely to tell all their social media friends.Dovetailing the overselling issue, it would be easy to avoid negative reports by updating the tags on SERP entries that mark a product as “out of stock” or “in stock.”

Product variations (i.e. different sizes and colors in shoe styles) can create it’s on set of online problems. These issues can be easily mitigated for your SEO people and marketers with color swatches or other identifiers.This also returns to the issue of updating the tags on your SERP entries.

Sales professionalstry to maintain a tone of urgency to drive customers toward purchasing.Certain holidays stimulate sales in themselves, but the challenge is to keep people buying through the year between Christmas, Mother’s Day the other majors. But running too many promotions on the website or the SERP can be counter-productive.

Keeping your SEO people informed of your procedures with affiliates can save a good sum of money.  For instance, keeping a healthy relationship with resellers is a way to promote your brand.


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